February 3:

Today Alpaca Sports releases their new digital single 'Just like Johnny Marr' together with a music video shot by Carl Jirestedt during their Japan tour in November.

The album Sealed with a kiss will be released February 24! All pre-orders (via luxuryrecords.bandcamp.com,
dufflecoatrecordsuk.bandcamp.com or alpacasports.bandcamp.com) comes with a free bonus CD, incl 12 remixes/covers on Alpaca Sports songs, made by Red Sleeping Beauty, The Royal Landscaping Society, Tiny Fireflies, Cristina Quesada, When Nalda became punk, Invisible Twin, Pale Spectres, Boyish, Band à Part, Zipper, one day diary and The Very Most.


In an attempt to escape the Swedish winter in 2011, Andreas Jonsson and Carl Jirestedt from Gothenburg started writing cute little pop songs to a project called Alpaca Sports. Six infectious pop singles later, accompanied by six cinematic music videos, with a mini album released in Japan, and plenty of gigs performed in countries like USA, France, Italy, England, Peru, Germany, Spain and Japan, I think it's safe to say that Alpaca Sports have found their way to indiepop hearts all over the globe by now.



Artwork by Ray Kimura
Press photos taken by Per Möller
Songs written by Andreas Jonsson and Carl Jirestedt
Recorded, mixed and produced by Kalle von Hall
Mastered by Hans Olsson Brookes
Video directed by Carl Jirestedt




Some of the remixes from the bonus CD:

Just for fun - Red Sleeping Beauty

I was running - Tiny Fireflies Remix

As long as I have you - When Nalda became punk ("Stereo lo-fi Remix")

A million times - Invisible Twin Remix

Just for fun - Boyish

Telephone - Pale Spectres Remix